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July 12th, 2012

11:40 am - [Public post] Government consultation on Choice At The End Of Life
Please spread far and wide!

Link - text at the link is copied below.

In January of this year the Commission on Assisted Dying found that “the current legal status of assisted dying is inadequate and incoherent” and that there is “a strong case for providing the choice of assisted dying for terminally ill people”. In its report, the Commission set out proposals for a legal framework within which assisted dying could be practised safely.

The draft Bill that is the focus of this consultation builds on the recommendations of the Commission on Assisted Dying to propose a safeguarded assisted dying law.

The proposed Bill presents an assisted dying model which would allow terminally ill, mentally competent adults in England and Wales the choice of controlling the manner and timing of their death. Patients who request assisted dying would be assessed by two doctors to ensure that they satisfied pre-defined eligibility criteria. The details of the assessments, and other features of the proposed process, are set out in the consultation document alongside the draft Bill itself.

‘The purpose   of this consultation is to assess the robustness of the safeguards.’

The purpose of this consultation is to assess the robustness of the safeguards that make up the assisted dying procedure in the draft Bill. This will be done by asking the views of the public, health and social care professionals, patient representative organisations and legal experts. The APPG on Choice at the End of Life and Dignity in Dying want to work with others to ensure not only that patients at the end of life have choice and control, but also, crucially, to ensure that the safeguards work well in practice.

You can download the consultation document, including the draft Bill here. If you wish to, you can answer the consultation questions using this website here.

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March 15th, 2012

02:21 pm - [public post] NHS reform bill petition - please sign
[Public post so that others can feel free to propagate if they wish]

38 Degrees raised enough money primarily over the internet to put big billboard adverts around London and the constituencies of Cameron, Clegg and Lansley, saying that they need to listen to people and please not go ahead with this reform bill. Now Lord David Owen, a crossbench Lord, has agreed to carry their petition (currently at 512,739 signatures) into the House of Lords at the start of the final debate about the Bill, on Monday.

The main thing they're aiming for is to block any further progress on the Bill until the risk registers have been published.

Please sign here if you think it's a worthy cause. You'll need to give your name and address to prove you live in the UK.

(The equivalent petitions at the government's e-petition website are here and previously here but the former only has 175,096 signatures and the latter closed last November with only 11,548 signatures.)

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February 2nd, 2012

11:36 am - [public post] Pink ribbons
From ontd_feminism, a post about Korman breast cancer foundation stopping funding free breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthoods across America, and trying to claim it's not political. Also a link to this trailer for a documentary film that's apparently out tomorrow, Pink Ribbons. Just one quote from the trailer:
"It is hypocrisy to be using carcinogens in products and at the same time raising money for a cure".

From there to this blog post that finally, finally put into words the discomfort I've felt for a long time about some of the routes used to raise funds for breast cancer research/charities. The example she picks for her post is just full of WTF-ery. And her post led me to an article by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics about pinkwashing.

Please feel free to reproduce parts or all of this around the internet if you, like me, feel there should be more awareness about these issues.
Current Mood: angryangry

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November 17th, 2011

02:52 pm - [public post] Sponsorship for Children In Need
Tomorrow is Children In Need and Alex's nursery is asking the kids to wear spotty clothing and they will be doing a sponsored walk down the high street during the day. To be completely honest, I don't know if Alex will actually walk - he is still only happy walking if he's holding on to someone's hands or pushing a walker or something. Plus he doesn't actually have any shoes yet.

However, if you would like to sponsor Alex and/or his nursery in their Great Trek, please feel free to use the donation button below. The money will go into my Paypal account and I will give an equivalent amount to the nursery, and gift aid it. I think this is probably the easiest way of doing it...

NB: Am a bit ambivalent about doing this, but am going to do it anyway. Maybe we can have an interesting discussion in the comments or something :-)
Current Mood: sympatheticwondering if this will work

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October 21st, 2011

09:23 pm - "I don't think Kansas is in Kansas any more, Toto"
[public post]

Kansas domestic violence victims unprotected after Topeka repeals law (

Kansas' capital city repeals domestic violence law (

Facing cuts, a city repeals its domestic violence laws (

Topeka repeals domestic violence law by a vote of 7-3 (

So angry about this that my initial understanding of what happened was completely garbled. As I understand it, kansas' district attorney's office is facing 10% budget cuts from next year. As a result of this they claim they will not be able to afford to go after crimes which at legally classified as misdemeanours but will have to focus on violent crime.

First WTF: domestic battery in Kansas is classified as a misdemeanour, not a violent crime. It also counts for something like half of all their misdemeanours.

Therefore, although the budget cut doesn't come into effect until next year, they decided to dump all the domestic assault cases on the state capital, the city of Topeka. Topeka didn't think this was fair and said thy couldn't cope, so they made domestic battery no longer a crime within the city.

As a result of this repeal, perpetrators of violent assault in a domestic context, who were in jail and waiting to be tried, have been set free. Because they had been imprisoned for an act that was no longer a crime.

I found myself, briefly, wishing that I was married to Kansas' DA, so that I could punch him in the nose with impunity. Because, y'know, if I did that to him in the street that'd be illegal but behind closed doors, it's fine.

Fuck you, Kansas. Fuck you all the way to hell.
Current Mood: enragedfucking livid

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September 13th, 2011

02:48 pm - [public post] Thought experiment: diversity through diversification
Firstly, thank you very much to everyone who participated thoughtfully and constructively to the post about bisexual slogans.

One of the things that kept coming up, over and over again as I read the comments, was this impression that we needed to find "the perfect" slogan. This one didn't work because it excluded xyz. That one didn't work because it excluded abc. My thoughts have been percolating over the past week, and I'm now in a place where I feel ready to make another post, to solicit others' constructive comments again. Please note the same rules apply to this post as they did to the slogans post - if you disagree with something you HAVE TO say what you think would work better instead.

My thoughts boils down to this:
- It is impossible to cater to all demographics in one short slogan
- Therefore we need multiple slogans

Similarly about increasing BME diversity at BiCon, a point in this comment really struck me:
a lot of people love BiCon exactly as it is.
Of course they do - that's why they come. And yet, the comment was left in a post linking to this article - white feminist privilege in organisations - where at one point the author says:
...[the white women's] views were universally that a diverse [organisation] would be just like the current [organisation], except there would be more women of color attending events and volunteering for the organization.
Well... Yeah. There's your problem right there. It is extremely likely that the most successful way of making BiCon more accessible to BME bisexuals, from it's current format, would be to make it NOT be exactly as it is at the moment.

Read more...Collapse )

I would like to remind you again that comments to this post are required to be constructive ("I think xyz would work better") and criticism of individuals, rather than of their ideas, is not permitted in these threads. Otherwise I will freeze/screen/delete/etc as I see fit.
Current Mood: pensivepensive

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September 7th, 2011

05:34 pm - An Experiment: Slogans For Promoting UK Bi Events
Right. I'm probably going to regret this, but.

There is a need for discussion and collaborative... what's a non-disablist way of saying "brainstorming"?? Anyway, we need some of that. Bouncing ideas around about slogans for promoting bi events in the UK, and stuff.

GENERAL POINTS (as far as I understand them)
  • Slogans need to be short and catchy.
  • Slogans need to be directed at and accessible to the general public. This means small words, preferably taken from the this list to ensure maximum accessibility. Obviously the general public includes a plethora of minority groups and marginalised peoples whom we would also like to reach.
  • Preferably, slogans will be inclusive rather than exclusive.
  • Probably more stuff that I haven't thought of off the top of my head.

THE RULES (Because this is my post, if you don't like them, go make your own post)
  • Anyone can post a suggested slogan, or amendment to a slogan someone else has suggested
  • You are welcome to say if you like a particular slogan, and if you can articulate why so much the better
  • If you dislike a slogan someone else has suggested, in order to post a comment saying that you dislike it (and even better if possible why you dislike it), you MUST offer an alternative (even if that's just "I like so-and-so's [insert slogan here] better"). The aim is to be CONstructive, people. My preference would be that any criticism of someone else's slogan would be along the lines of "I suggest wxyz might be better for [these reasons]" rather than any kind of "your slogan fails on [these points]".
  • If you suggest a slogan here, you need to be prepared for others to critque it. You need to be prepared to take that criticism on board and understand that no matter how good any slogan/s become, there will always be others who will not like them for their own reasons. This is called diversity and, in itself, is okay.
  • Comments criticising participants in this exercise, rather than the slogan/s they have offered, are NOT ALLOWED and will be deleted. I don't care who started it.
  • You are allowed to like more than one slogan/suggest different slogans for different situations
  • Please keep all discussion about marginalising other minority groups, intersectionalities of oppression, etc., within one comment thread.
  • I'm disabling anonymous commenting but making the post public. If you would like to propose a slogan but do not want to have your name associated with this post, private LJ message me and I'll add it. I will not offer this service for feedback/critiqueing.
  • I reserve the right to freeze comment threads/suspend commenting/delete the post/other as I see fit if things become non-constructive.

Please remember that the LJ tracking comments function means that others will be able to see what you've posted before any edits and even if you subsequently delete it.

I have thrown a few suggestions out just to start things off.
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

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November 1st, 2010

11:25 pm - [public post] Signal boosting
From rosefox, here.

Short version: a couple have paid their rent each month using the banking service that their building management company wanted them to use. But the money never actually made it as far as to the company, and the building management company aren't willing to wait for this to be sorted. The couple are going to be kicked out Tuesday morning. That's tomorrow. They need to come up with $3,500 in order to keep their place, despite having already actually, y'know, paid out this money.

You can donate here, otherwise please consider signal boosting.

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September 6th, 2010

08:00 am - Baaaa
Back to work today, thus obviously it's time for a meme:

If there is anything you wish you'd said to me at BiCon but didn't mange to - or anything else you'd like to tell me whether BiCon related or not - then please say it here. All comments are screened and will stay screened. Anonymous commenting is enabled.

If you'd like a reply please say how I should get in touch with you (I'm going to assume an email/lj message as a default).

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September 3rd, 2010

11:27 pm - [public post] UNISON says all non-whites are Black
Full. Of. Rage. adjectivemarcus mentioned this to me about a week ago, but we had an incidental little 5 day conference for 450+ people to throw in between times so this is the first chance I've had to check it out.

This link is to a PDF. The relevant article is page 5.

And I quote:
We use the term Black as a political statement. It is spoken proudly
and spelt with a capital B. It is not about black as a skin colour or black as an alternative word for African-Caribbean. It is a term that encompasses all of us who live in the UK who have a shared history of exclusion, discrimination and disadvantage because we are not White.

The fuck. So those from the Indian subcontinent are supposed to identify as Black? As are those of Oriental descent? And the Eastern Europeans who're heavily discriminated against in this country? Really?

I just checked, the front page of their website has a lot of links on the right hand side, under the titles "At Work", "Get Active", "Campaigns" and "Equality". Under Equality there are links to pages for, amongst others, young members and disabled members. And Black members.

I have just used their general enquiry form to ask them where their information is for non-black ethnic minority members who are experiencing discrimination.

Fucksake, I don't particularly like the term BME but at least it recognises that there are minority groups out there apart from Black people! Over 1.3 million members, y'think there might be a couple out there who experience racial discrimination but don't identify as Black?
Current Mood: enragedvery, very angry

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